Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that Friday the 26th February 2021 we ended the #HealthcareHeroes WCG EMS Care Package streaming event with a really fun 4 hour ± stream.

I won’t lie, this month has been a long but fun one.

For those who missed it, it was a daily streaming session from 7pm – 10pm ZAR time (South African time) where I raised money for the “EMS Care Packages” that go to my colleagues when they are in quarantine / isolation as well as when they return to work they get a “return to work” package.

Starting on the 1st February 2021 via and ending a month later, the Babbelbekkie Discord community and I helped raise over $800.

Donations were done via PayPal and the stream had a donation bar that would increase with each donated amount – the one issue we quickly discovered was that the Streamlabs donation bar does NOT take into account the ‘cut’ that PayPal takes from each donation that is received, so if someone donated (for example) $10, it would increase by $10 but the actual amount would be $8.93 so those who use it, make sure you double check your donation bar information with what is in your PayPal account – you might have to update it now and again.

We played the following games on stream:

Fall Guys (Steam)
Forza Horizon 4 (Microsoft Store)
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Blizzard)
Guild Wars 2
The Division 1’s Survival mode (uPlay)
The Division 2 (uPlay)

On Monday the 1st March 2021, I went and did the monies hand over to Noorifah where she also went through all transactions on my PayPal account – this way, no issues could crop up later and everything was done properly.

Please do pop over and visit my Twitch account and hit the follow button as I have many more events coming up in the future and I’d love to have YOU join me on the adventures and if you’d like to join us on Babbelbekkie you are more than welcome.

A few special mentions must go out to Phobos who donated 2x copies of Fall Guys so that 2 of the ladies of Babbelbekkie could join in and play along side me and the rest of my friends – he also contributed towards the donation goal and was on stream with me almost daily and joined in some games.
Another one is CorruptedMonkey who also invested alot of time in helping me with new graphics for my stream and ‘brand’ prior to the streaming event starting.

But in reality, there was so much support from not only my EMS colleagues and offline friends but also the obvious ones and I want to send out a massive thank you to everyone who joined in – it was a great TEAM event and I’m proud to have done this with all the guys / gals from Babbelbekkie.

We have a few prizes to give away thanks to RSAWEB and will be sorting that out to all those who took part in the month long event.
Check your Discord DM’s shortly.

If anyone has any questions, please do contact me directly.

Thanks again all and see you on the next event!

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