Learn from it – and let go!

So I’ve always thought I have led a good life – I’ve made mistakes here and there – done the odd stupid little things here and there but never really thought of myself as a complete and utter fuck up – not till, well, recently.

And well – I have really messed up and I’m not proud of myself at all for what I did.

But it’s also been brought to my attention that the situation I put myself into could’ve been avoided had I stopped and realized that I can’t fix everyone, I can’t make everyone happy and that I need to stop being a people pleaser.
If I’m not getting what “I” want then I needed to step away – but I didn’t and I will not make that mistake again going forward.

I don’t really think I will forgive myself anytime soon but I’ve started the process and soon enough, I’ll look back at the past where even I disgusted myself and realize that even I am allowed to fuck up.

Forgiveness is Devine.

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